Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Recent Work

In an effort to stay sane while also studying in a phd program and raising a child with high-functioning autism, I have frequently been crocheting late into the night. It is certainly a therapeutic practice, though I need to curb the late night tendencies. This scarf, using Crystal Palace "Party" in indigo forest, was finished last week.

I recently learned of the efforts of Hat Box Foundation and have been working on several hats I plan to donate. This particular organization is in California, and I hope to find a similar project here in North Carolina.

The baby spiral hat in Sublime Cotton Kapok, also finished last week.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sublime Yarn

This is the beginning of another baby spiral hat, this time using Sublime's baby cotton kapok dk, in shade 0184. We'll consider it a proofreading of the pattern posted earlier in the week. In fact, I've caught a couple of typos in the pattern so far, and have been editing that post to correct them. Besides, hats are fun and simple--and after some point in the evening attempting anything academic is a waste of time, at least in my case.